Research Projects

Research Projects

This area covers both research projects and collaborative research projects under the ENRECA-Gulu University project

These objectives are fully achieved. A DSS has been established in Awach sub-county by ENRECA-Gulu University with regular update of the collected data, providing a source of data for a range of studies including the collaborative research domains, an evidence base for local policy and planning for improved service delivery, as well as a basis for training of students, which has included both students from GU and the DK partner universities.

In addition to the qualitative data collected through the collaborative research domains, the teams have drawn on the quantitative data from the DSS.

Finally, popular brochures have been developed on the Remain or Return and the Forgiveness collaborative research domains for dissemination of research findings to local communities, leadership and policy makers.

Research projects are:

Collaborative research projects are: