About Us

In September 2008, FFU approved a joint application by Gulu University in Uganda and the three Danish universities of Aarhus, Copenhagen and Southern Denmark for an ENRECA grant of DKK 9.917.651. The grant was for the 4-year research project titled: Changing Human Security: Recovery from Armed Conflict in Northern Uganda, in this website referred to as ENRECA-Gulu University. Implementation of the project was initiated in January 2009 and will be concluded per 31 December 2012.

The project aims to strengthen the capacity of Gulu University to play a useful role in stabilisation and recovery efforts in Northern Uganda through inter-disciplinary academic and policy oriented contributions to understanding human security transformations and dynamics. 

The ENRECA-Gulu University project, implemented at Gulu University in Northern Uganda, is a joint partnership between between the danish universities of Southern Denmark, Copenhagen and Aarhus, and Gulu University.