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Post Graduate Education

A key intermediate objective of the project is the Post-graduate Education. The aim under this objective is to contribute to enhanced capacity for post-graduate education at Gulu University. The project supported the development of the post-graduate program in research methodology to be offered annually at GU, and the following PhD level courses have been developed and implemented:

  1. Msc course:
    Quantitative writing, presenting and literature search. Planned for August 2012
  2. PhD course:
    EPI STATS. Planned for June 2012
  3. MA course:
    Writing up qualitative research. March 2012, 6 GU staff (4 ENRECA beneficiaries and 2 from the Platform). Of these 3 were female.
    See material from this course here
  4. PhD course:
    Qualitative Research Methods - Human Security and Time: August 2011, 27 GU Staff of which 18 PhDs and 9 Master students. Gender balance 17 male and 10 female.
    See material from this course here
  5. PhD course:
    Quantitative methodology I:  January 2010, 22 GU staff: 18 PhD students, 4 master students. Gender balance: 18 male and 4 female.
    See material from this course here
  6. PhD course:
    Qualitative Research Methods: November 2009, 22 GU staff: 19 PhDs and 3 Master students. Gender balance: 18 male and 4 female.
    See material from this course here

The evaluations of the courses carried out have been very positive, with requests from the participants for more of such courses. Planning and conducting the courses jointly by Gulu University and Danish researchers was an integral part of the capacity development strategy. Current internal initiatives at Gulu University indicate planning to integrate these courses into existing Gulu University post-graduate programs. The themes and formats of two PhD courses held at Gulu University have subsequently been adapted and implemented at University of Southern Denmark.

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The ENRECA-Gulu University is a DANIDA funded project based in the city of Gulu in Northern Uganda.