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Portrait: Stephen Langole

PhD title:

Push and Pull Factors for Youth Urban-Rural Migration in Post-Conflict Situation: Implications for Human Security in Gulu District.

Stephen Langole

PhD student, Gulu University in collaboration with University of Copenhagen.


Mr Langole is supervised by Dr. Lenhart Lioba of the Institute for Peace & Strategic Studies (IPSS) of Gulu University, Dr. David Kyadondo of Makerere University, and, Prof. Michael Whyte of University of Copenhagen.

Publications from Mr. Stephen Langole

Mr. Stephen Langole has had the following papers accepted for presentation:

Langole. Urban Youth in Post-conflict Northern Uganda: Networking Livelihood Resources. Abstract accepted for presentation at the European Association of Social Anthropologists due in Nanterre University, France, July 2012.  The paper will be developed into an article for publication.

Langole. The Politics of Land-grabbing in Northern Uganda: Implications for Community Cohesion and Production. Abstract accepted for presentation at the Nordic Africa Days, October 2012 at University of Iceland in Reykjavik. The paper will be developed into an article for publication.

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