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Portrait: Christine Oryem

PhD title:

"Diversity uses and Nutrient Composition of Indigenous Friuts Trees of Post Conflict districts of Gulu and Amuru"

Christine Oryem

PhD student, Gulu University in collaboration with University of Copenhagen


The objective of her study is to carry out an inventory of the indigenous edible fruit trees of the two districts, documenting respective indigenous information, determining the nutrients composition of commonly consumed fruits & establishing intervention plans as well s providing feedback to the community to enhance their stability.


Prof. Hannington Oryem-Origa of the Faculty of Science at Makerere University, Prof. Olwa Odyek from Chemistry Department at Gulu University, and, Prof. Nanna Roos Department of food and Nutrition at University of Copenhagen.

Publications from Christine Oryema

Christine Oryema plans to write 1-2 articles during 2012 for publication:

Oryema. Uses and contribution of Priority Fruit Trees to the livelihoods of the community of Gulu district, Northern Uganda. Journal to be identified.

Oryema. Influential Factors to the Consumption Of Priority Indigenous wild Edible Fruit tree products - and:  A Case Of Gulu District in Northern Uganda. Journal to be identified.  

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