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Master Program Scholarships

A key intermediate objective of the ENRECA-Gulu University project is to support:

  • that 18 Gulu University Staff are enrolled in, or have completed, a Master program.
  • that these staff teach at their respective faculties as well as publish relevant articles in peer-reviewed journals.

The ENRECA-Gulu University project has supported the enrollment of 18 Master students in programs at Gulu, Mbarara and Makerere universities in Uganda. Of these, three have already submitted and had endorsed their final thesis, while the rest will finalize during the course of 2012. Out of the 18 students currently supported by the project, 6 are female (33%).

Of the current 18 Master students, 15 are GU teaching staff, while the remaining are students at Gulu University. The students supported originate from all the five faculties of GU, e.g. Education, Science, Medicine, Agriculture and Business.

Each of the Master students has a Ugandan supervisor and a Danish co-supervisor selected among the Danish researchers participating in ENRECA-Gulu University. Furthermore, each of the students was provided the opportunity to participate in post-graduate courses organized by ENRECA-Gulu University, including writing courses (qualitative and an upcoming quantitative) conducted by ENRECA-Gulu University researchers and tailored specifically to the needs of the Master students.

Apart from the Ugandan Master students, 6 Danish master students have been affiliated to the project with their own funding, strengthening the North – South research linkages and collaboration.

To see further details of the students, of the program pursued with Gulu University-ENRECA Project funding, and of the publications, click on the respective students in the lists below.

2011 MA Scholarship Intake

Name: Faculty: Master Area of Research: Progress:
Hellen Mghoi Mshilla Business and Development Studies The Radio Media and Human Security in the Transformation of the Northern Uganda Conflict: A case study of Gulu District Pursuing Master
Acaa Lucy Oburutoo Headteacher of Purongo Senior Secondary School School feeding programme and pupil participation in school activities in primary school in Amuru District Pursuing Master

2010 MA Scholarship Intake

Name: Faculty: Master Area of Research:
Babua Christopher Medicine Factors Affecting outcome of Antiretroviral Therapy in Gulu District Pursuing Master
Unzimai Justin
Assessment of the prevalence of post infection infantile congenital hydrocephalus in babies born to HIV positive mothers in Gulu regional referral Hospital and St. Marys Lacor, Gulu district, Northern Pursuing Master
Wanyama Ronald
Medicine Association between helicobacter pylori infection during pregnancy and maternal body composition and birth weight Pursuing Master
Oyella Joyce
Motivating and Performance of non-academic Staff in public universities in Uganda. A case Study of Gulu University Pursuing Master
Achana Susan-Otto
The role of media in enhancing food security Pursuing Master
Labongo B. P. Morris
Education and Humanities
The Contribution of Micro finance Institutions on the Entrepreneurial empowerment of Women Pursuing Master
Adoch Esther Patricia
Biodiversity Conservation and agriculture in post – conflict Northern Ugandan Pursuing Master
Aguma Boniface
Internet base phone system for dissemination and retrieval of agricultural information in Northern Uganda Pursuing Master

2009 MA Scholarship Intake

Name: Faculty: Master Area of Research: Progress:

Achiro Eunice

Science Effect of different drying methods to the essential micronutrients of selected indigenous green leafy vegetables in northern Pursuing

Tabu Francis




Okot Walter

N/A The Institutional Capacity of the Local Council Systems in Promoting Community Reitegration: A case of Amuru district Local Pursuing

Okot J.B. Kenneth

N/A Mental Health service provision in Post Conflict Rural areas of Northern Uganda and Human Security, Gulu Pursuing

Owot Godfrey Moses

Business and Development Studies The Socio-Economic impact of Resettlement programmes in Northern Pursuing

Acaye Ongwech

Science Assesment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons of Some Smoked Fish From Local Markets, Gulu Pursuing

Opio Washington Obitta

Education and Humanities The role of Acholi Elders in conflict Resolution in Awach Sub-county,Gulu District; The Dynamics of social change and continuity in post conflict Pursuing

Oyet Kenneth Odong

Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies The return process of adult Ex-LRA soldiers in Northern Uganda. Perspectives from returnees, government, NGOs, Cultural Institutions and the Pursuing
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The ENRECA-Gulu University is a DANIDA funded project based in the city of Gulu in Northern Uganda.