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Portrait: Quentin Gausset

Research Interests

From classical ethnography with focus on religion and ethnicity, to AIDS prevention, and to socio-cultural aspects of natural resource management.

Quentin Gausset

Prof. at Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen


1997: PhD in Anthropology, Free University of Brussels

Selected Assignments / Publications

Gausset, Q. 2006 "Cameroon". In T. Riggs (ed.): Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices, pp. 174-82. Detroit, Mich.: Gale Research

Gausset, Q. 2006 "Women, Gender and Slavery: Sub-Saharan Africa". In J. Suad (ed.): Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures, vol IV. Economics, Education, Mobility and Space, pp. 510-3. Leiden: Brill

Gausset, Q.; Whyte, M. and Birch-Thomsen, T. (eds.) 2005, Beyond territory and scarcity: Exploring conflicts over natural resource management. Uppsala: Nordic Africa Institute.

Gausset, Q. 2005 "Agro-pastoral conflicts in the Tikar Plain (Cameroon)". In Q. Gausset, M. Whyte and T: Birch-Thomsen (eds.): Beyond territory and scarcity: Exploring conflicts over natural resource management, pp. 90-111. Uppsala: Nordic Africa Institute. 

Gausset, Q. 2004 "Chronicle of a Foreseeable Tragedy: Birds' Nests Management in the Niah Caves (Sarawak)". Human Ecology 32 (4): 487-507.

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