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Portrait: Hanne Overgaard Mogensen

Research Interests

Medical anthropology in Africa.

Hanne Overgaard Mogensen

Assoc. Prof. at Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen


Ph.D., University of Copenhagen, 1999, Visiting scholar, Harvard University, Boston, 1997, Fulbright Scholar, Columbia University, New York, 2001-2002.

Selected Assignments

Researcher on a number of medical anthropological and public health studies in Africa on HIV/AIDS, ARV, child health and reproductive health, focusing on the interface between health care system and communities. Wide experience from multidisciplinary research. Long-term fieldworks carried out in Zambia, Uganda and Cameroon (in total about 3 years). Shorter stays in Kenya, Burma, Vietnam.

Selected Publications

1995, AIDS is a Kind of Kahungo that Kills: The Challenge of Using Local Narratives when Exploring AIDS among the Tonga of Southern Zambia. Oslo: Scandinavia University Press, 135 s.

Textbook: 2004 Mogensen, H.O., Gammeltoft, T., Nguyen My Huong, and Hoang Kim Dung, Introduction to Social Anthropology in a Vietnamese Context: Studying Gender and Reproductive Health on Vietnam’s North Central Coast. 140 p. (Printed in English and Vietnamese by Vietnam Commision for Population, Family and Children).

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