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Land Wrangles in Northern Uganda

This collaborative research project focuses on land conflicts that are currently building up in NU. It explores the shifting perceptions of land, its evolving meanings and possible uses, and the changing significance of land rights in defining and expressing social and economic relationships at different levels. Initial research revealed a hitherto unexplored connection between the loss of livestock and the governance of the commons that was earlier used for grazing. The lack of other assets after years of encampment has made people look to land as a means of raising cash.

Disciplines and researchers involved

Participants in this research group are from the disciplines of anthropology, philosophy, development studies and include Daniel Komakech (IPSS, philosophy), Michael Whyte, Quentin Gausset (Anthropology KU), Ambrose Okot (Education and Humanities), Ambrose Eger (Business), Opio Washington (ENRECA MA student - IPSS), Katinka Johansen (ENRECA Volunteer from KU)

Publication and dissemination

This research group is organizing a panel on ‘Unfolding Land Conflicts in Northern Uganda’, at the Nordic Africa Days Conference organized by Nordic Africa Institute in Iceland in October 2012. Panel chairs: Michael Whyte, Department of Culture and Society, AU DK, & Quentin Gausset, Department of Anthropology, KU DK.

Gausset & Johanssen - Do people belong to land or does land belong to people? Changing relationships between land and people in Northern Uganda
Tea Fromholt – Local vision in an oil field of interests
Stephen Langole - The politics of land grabbing in Northern Uganda: implications for community cohesion and production
Lenhart & Malagala - Land grabs and governance: Exploring mistrust and trust in Northern Uganda
Obika and Mogensen - Speaking forgiveness: From armed conflict to land conflict in Northern Uganda
Ravnsborg (with Bashaasha, Kidoido, Pedersen and Spichiger)- Security in land tenure and productive investments in Northern Uganda – is there a case for the formalisation of land rights?
M. Whyte & Babiiha -  'The land is now our cow:' Coping with the economic and symbolic consequences of lost assets during the conflict in Northern Uganda
S. Whyte, Meinert & Mukyala - Urbanization by subtraction:  From encampment to emplotment in Northern Uganda.

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The ENRECA-Gulu University is a DANIDA funded project based in the city of Gulu in Northern Uganda.