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Collaborative Research Projects

A key intermediate objective of the project is to develop and implement four collaborative research domains which offer opportunities for post- doctoral, doctoral, and related MA level research that produces peer reviewed and other articles and publications.

This objective is fully achieved with the following four collaborative research projects carried out:

  1. Forgiveness Project
  2. Return or Remain Project
  3. Land Wrangles in Northern Uganda
  4. Non-Communicable Diseases in Northern Uganda

In addition to the qualitative data collected through the collaborative research domains, the teams drew on the quantitative data from the DSS established by ENRECA-Gulu University. Finally, popular brochures have been developed on the Remain or Return and the Forgiveness collaborative research domains for dissemination of research findings to local communities, leadership and policy makers.

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Revised 18.10.2012

The ENRECA-Gulu University is a DANIDA funded project based in the city of Gulu in Northern Uganda.