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Portrait: Felix Kaducu

Research Interests

Health of disadvantaged populations (such as internally displaced persons), HIV/AIDs prevention and care, sexual and reproductive health, and, maternal and child health.

Felix Kaducu

Lecturer and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Medicin, Gulu University, Uganda


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB), Makerere University, Uganda

MA of Public Health (MPH), Hebrew University, Isreal

Selected Assignments

2010 - Ongoing. Co-Principal Investigator: Perinatal Mortality in Gulu District of Northern Uganda: The Post conflict implications for intervention.

2007-2008. Co-Principal Investigator: Effect of Coloplus (Bovine milk product) in management of chronic diarrhea in HIV/AIDS patients in Gulu district.

2006-2007. Co-Investigator: Survey of the health status of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in northern Uganda

2006. Co-Investigator: Health services for survivors of gender-based violence in northern Uganda, 2006

Selected Publications

B. Roberts, K. Felix Ocaka, J. Browne, T. Oyok, E. Sondorp. Factors associated with health status of internally displaced persons in northern Uganda. J Epidemiol Community Health, 2009<63<227-232

Bayard Roberts, John Browne, Kaducu Felix Ocaka, Thomas Oyok, Egbert Sondorp. The reliability and validity of the SF-8 with a conflict affected population of northern Uganda. Health and Quality Outcomes 2008, 6>108

Bayard Roberts, Kaducu Felix Ocaka, John Browne, Thomas Oyok, Egbert Sondorp. Factors associated with post/traumatic stress disorder and depression amongst internally displaced persons in northern Uganda. BMC Psychiatry, May 2008, 8>38.

Publications from Felix Kaducu

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